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Our Team

Our Program/Service Directors

Sandra Genzel
VP, Head Start/Early Head Start and Preschool Services
Email Sandra
610-437-6000, x 2201
Nyanda Finley de Santos
Director, Family and Community Engagement
Email Nyanda
610-437-6000, x 2218
Christa Held
Director, Program Operations, Head Start/Early Head Start/Pre-K Counts
Email Christa
610-437-6000, x 2223
Dana Henry
Director, Early Head Start Services
Email Dana
610-437-6000, x 2366
Jennifer Knelly
Director, Early Education
Email Jennifer
610-437-6000 x 2215
Desiree Lake
Director, Facilities & Administration
Email Desiree
610-437-6000, x 2141
Brandon Warner
Director, Finance & Budgets
Email Brandon
610-437-6000, x 3412