Community Services for Children

Community Services for Children (CSC) is a leader in early education and family development that provides high-quality early education to nearly 1,400 low-income children in the Lehigh Valley and connects 20,000 children and 2,800 families to needed resources across Northeastern Pennsylvania.

CSC believes that all children deserve a chance to succeed in school, and the path to success begins in early childhood within a nurturing family. We provide early learning and child care support services to young children and their parents, low-income families and child care providers.

CSC is a 501-c-3 not-for-profit organization employing nearly 400 staff.

Our Mission

Prepare young children and their families to succeed in learning and in life through innovative, comprehensive, leading-edge services.

Our Vision

Community Services for Children exemplifies excellence in early learning, providing inspiration and leadership that engages our communities to put children first.

Programmatic Overview

  • CSC operates Head Start, Early Head Start, and Pre-K Counts in Lehigh and Northampton Counties, specifically for low-income families.
  • CSC manages Early Learning Resource Centers (ELRCs) in 17 counties. ELRCs are one-stop hubs where families can find high-quality early education opportunities, apply for assistance to help with child care costs or access other resources that will set them on a path to success. ELRCs also provide resources to child care providers so that they may improve program quality.
  • CSC provides national-level professional development for specialists in children’s services and child development through the Early Childhood Institute.
  • CSC operates two Educational Improvement Tax Credit funded programs. A Pre-K Scholarship Organization funds scholarships for low-income children and an Educational Innovation Organization supports two technology labs that enhance literacy development for 300 Pre-K aged children.

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