Head Start and Early Head Start of the Lehigh Valley

Head Start (HS) and Early Head Start (EHS), serving two generations, supports the mental, social and emotional competence of children from birth to age five. In addition to education, HS/EHS provides children and their families with health, nutrition, and social-emotional education. Programs are responsive to each child and family’s ethnic, cultural and linguistic heritage, and focus on whole-child development in the context of the family and community. HS/EHS provides early education within a comprehensive service framework that is committed to the engagement of families in the development of their children. HS/EHS recognizes parents as the child’s first and most important teacher and as leaders in program governance.

Parent Engagement Activities

  • 95% of enrolled families developed individual family goal plans
  • 100% of enrolled families participated in the rea-a-book initiative to promote literacy in the home
  • 99% of enrolled families participated in home visits
  • 100% of enrolled families participated in parenting education in the home
  • 515 fathers participated in activities to support their children’s development

Children Receiving Well-Care – HS/EHS

  • Physical Exams – 97%
  • Dental Exams – 94%
  • Immunizations – 94%

Parent and Program Partnership – HS/EHS

  • 94% of families report they feel comfortable sharing the challenges they have as parents with the program staff
  • 96% of families report the program tries to meet their family’s specific needs
  • 94% of families report they are encouraged to become involved in helping to improve the program

School Readiness – HS/EHS

  • 96% of families report that the program helped them understand the importance of attendance
  • 94% of families report the program provided activities that help their children prepare for Head Start or school
  • 97% of families report that trust the program to help their child grow and learn
  • 94% of kindergarten eligible children were registered on time

Early Head Start

Early Head Start of the Lehigh Valley is a comprehensive child and family development program whose mission is to prepare children and families for success early in life.  Early Head Start serves children and families in poverty, serving pregnant women, infants and toddlers ages 0-3 years.  Early Head Start meets the health, safety and developmental needs of children.  Early Head Start, like Head Start, supports the success of both generations by working closely with parents.

The program provides intense early intervention, child abuse prevention and family supports. CSC’s Early Head Start program is provided through a home visitation model or a therapeutic classroom model of service.

CSC provides National and Local leadership consulting on program development, supporting impacted families and providing resources and referral to local centers of excellence.

Early Head Start Childhood Development Outcomes – Children who are proficient at age 3

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