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Apply for Head Start/Pre-K Counts and Early Head Start

Thank you for your interest in Head Start/Early Head Start of the Lehigh Valley and Pre-K Counts. The online application must be completed by the parent or legal guardian. If you apply for the first time, please complete the online application below. If you applied for your child or any other children before, do not complete the online application and call 610-437-6000 ext. 2171.

Gracias por su interés en el programa de Head Start/Early Head Start of the Lehigh Valley y Pre-K Counts La solicitud en línea debe ser realizada por el padre/tutor legal. Si usted está solicitando por primera vez, favor de completar la solicitud en línea. Si usted ha solicitado para su niño(a) o algún otro niño(a) anteriormente, favor de no completar la solicitud en line y favor llamar al 610-437-6000 ext. 2171.

Click the APPLY button for English or Spanish to begin the application process for your child.


Application Process

The online application will get you started.  Please read this document to be sure you understand the entire process.

Federal Poverty Guidelines for 2021/22

Head Start and Early Head Start applications are subject to qualification under the Federal Poverty Guidelines, which are updated annually.

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